Unlimited VOIP Calls

What is unlimited voip calls?

We believe that voip should cost a fixed fee. Much like mobile phone plans are. So we are one of the few providers out there to provide unlimited local/national + mobile calls with 2 lines (in and out at the same time) for only $40.95 / month ex GST.

How to connect?

If you already have a voip phone system like 3cx or just want to use a voip phone client, then it will be as easy as copy and paste. 

Can I get a virtual mobile number?

Yes you can. With a virtual mobile number, your calls will be received with a mobile number as caller identification. Add that option for an extra $15.00/month.

Can I use this from overseas?

Yes, you can use this service from anywhere in the world.

Ready for unlimited voip?

Just give us a call at 1300 834 077 or email us at talk_to@binaryelements.com.au to kick things off.