As the 2021 year comes to an end, we look back at some of the key milestones Binary Elements have achieved.

- VOIP capacity
As a provider for voip services, we ensure business continuity where we connect to several upstream telecom services such as Telstra, Optus, Vodafone etc for our call capacity redundancies.

- Coronavirus speed support
With our IT support services, we supported our clients with cost effective and productive solutions. With speed IT support services, we ensure our customers are not left waiting even after hours.

- Application development
Our team of gurus have been able to further build BEINC Pro to a new standard. BEINC Pro allows our customers to make and receive calls online connected to their CRM.


Drawing up plans to open another data centre. Why we don't use the public cloud infrastructure like AWS or Google is because after much testing, we found the bandwidth costs inhibiting and the inability to control much of the performance related tweaks. Interestingly, cloud providers charge per GB of ingress/egress, but the world runs on the expectation of unlimited usage of designated bandwidth. By designing an all inclusive product such as our Voip unlimited package, we prefer to pass the savings back to our customers instead.

Data centre voip unlimited

DJI Drones - Mavic 3 Launch 


The much awaited Mavic 3 launch day. We've been working closely with our client DJI Australia and planning the launch together. Online sales being a major part of the launch as well as retail stores, there were servers to be load balanced, bandwidth burst to be dealt with and also POS systems to be kept alive throughout the massive traffic boost. Ended up with a no glitch operations today. It was great to be part of a historical event and also to know that our infrastructure stood up to the challenge.

Quick review on Ubiquiti Wifi 


Had the opportunity of putting together a wifi network for a large home and opted to use Ubiquiti Unifi for it. Connected back to a Unifi switch flex 10GB switch. The flex is now connected to a workstation/nas with Unraid on it. Wifi extenders just don't work reliably and cabling it back to base with unifi access points will always beat it flat. With the console app, you can see what the customer experience is as well on the wifi and also what other wifi SSIDs are potentially causing interference.

We've added a bit more things to our data centre


So we decided to add more servers into the data center for better redundancy and growth factoring. Each end of  year we go through this exercise to ensure we're not overloading anything and we're doing well maintaining. This year we started a bit earlier. The Terabytes keep growing :)

Apps Development


There are a few custom apps we've done through the years which is looking quite good. Looking to re-productize it as a seperate branded product. Written in Angular Front End and backend with Golang and features like Rostering jobs, managing staff and communication.

Offshore Call Centres


Looks like our off shore call centre clients are ramping up. There's a couple of ways call centres connect to us. One is just via VOIP trunks - so connect your SIP servers to ours via trunks. Second is having a sip phone client and connect to our hosted 3CX system. Third is to use our BEINC call centre app to connect via the browser with WebRTC. All valid choices.

Point of Sales POS System


This is what we naturally recommend to our clients who want to run a proper 24x7 self contained multi venue/multi pos setup. Naturally the network setup that we do is tailored for this setup. With the wifi spectrum getting too narrow nowadays, critical points like a POS system need to be cabled with a proper Cat6E at least.