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Video Conferencing anyone?

Technology is perpetually evolving. I did a quick review and guess how much Yealink has evolved. We've always supported and used Yealink. Hell, we've been to their factory as well and know some of the people in there. Started off with the IP phones and now moving into the Video Conferencing space. We've played around [...]

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Our coreVOIP – unlimited call package

An industry changing product - allowing unlimited calls to mobiles and land lines. Take a quick look here at our Unlimited Mobile VOIP Calls.

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Chicken and more chicken – and some fit outs

Don't forget the beer! Always goes well with Chicken. We always like to make sure our clients are getting the best in a cost effective way. Here's a throwback on what we've setup at Belles Hot Chicken. So our techies have gone onsite and did a fit out for one of Belles Hot Chicken venues in [...]

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Great burger and beer … and VOIP

2018 has been a hectic year and we decided to do a quick stop at one of our clients - Mr Burger for a great burger and beer. Not only do we handle the VOIP and network infrastructure for the group and the venues, we have also done the fit outs. For the burgers, personally, [...]

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